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Yesterday I was working at trying to finish barrel vaults on the Konbit dome. They will function as “wind scoops” so that hot air can escape through the top of the house in the summer. Most of the rest of the Konbit crew have left for their homes in the U.S. leaving just Craig, Moses, and myself here now- plus several million Haitians.

Anyhow, I was up on the dome with the fellows pictured and four others, and their discussion got really heated. Although I couldn’t understand all of it I gathered that they were talking politics. Who should be president, which president has the best platform, which political party should run the nation, etc. The kinds of things that get talked about when politics are brought up. All of the boys I’m working with up there are my age, in their early 20’s. I feel like they represent a majority in the population.

They talked about it all day, mostly- fluctuating between laughter and shouting. One young man in particular- the crew leader Ducken- Said something that made everyone laugh right in the middle of a heated argument. Then they all shut up and thought about whatever he had said. Ducken is a smart guy, and has great leadership. He’s already trilingual, and wants to learn to speak English– which he tells me in English. Whatever happens in Haitian Politics, it is young Haitians like these that will be making the real differences in their country.

Top of dome with Haitian boys

These guys will take care of Haiti

Gentlemen working atop a dome

these guys are cool