About James Cross

James Cross (me) is a young man from the West Coast of the US, raised in the mountains and continuing throughout his life to explore the nation of his birth and abroad. He is writing about himself in the third person, because it allows the reader to feel like they are getting reliable information. James grew up in Montana for the most part, but has been embedded in San Francisco for three years as a volunteer for the arts, as a leader of positivity, and as a guinea pig for adventure.

James would consider himself an artist if the stigma weren’t so negative. He studies architectural renaissance, additive and subtractive sculpture, inter-peace creation, and the human condition. He enjoys life passionately, and with hapless curioJimmy Crosssity.

  1. Wiinni Miller says:

    Hello Jimmy James, We absolutely loved your blog and oh my, you did show Haiti’s beauty. We found the structures you folks were building very interesting and if we though the Massachusetts building code would allow it we’d try our own in the back. Not sure though how they would hold up in the snow. We’ll have to read up on them.

    Back now to read more 🙂 Winni and Art

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