Hand me the tools, please.

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is summer time in the Northern hemisphere, and in San Francisco, though the climate is tolerable, there are not any extraordinary weather patterns that make the season singularly discernible within the year. It may be that as a result of this phenomenon the passage of time ceases to stand as a detail of importance on the minds of the city’s populace. Then again, it could be just me.

Since my return from Haiti at the beginning of the year there have not been any dull moments to speak of. Projects abound within the social circles to which I am an accessory, each of them providing an inlet for participation and outlets for creativity. My time is happily filled, such that I have quickly lost track of it. Compounded with a distinct lack of documentation on my part, this busy lifestyle allows one great experience to flow into another seamlessly.

There are many things I would discuss in great detail had I freshly emerged from their throes. Instead, since the lull provided to me on this fine morning is no doubt brief, I will leave the end of this posting spattered with hyperlinks and images. Please enjoy responsibly.

The Regardless at the miss rockaway armada

Paul, Moses, and me in Philly

link to a picture- because I’m lazy
The Relentless as view from the dingy IMG_0629

… I had a lead on a link to the thing in Brazil, but I ran out of time while looking for it. This proves again that things should be documented as they happen. More later

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