Konbit Shelter

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Haiti, Uncategorized
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Konbit Shelter crown

'Deacon' has led the project from the very start

plaster inside Konbit shelter crown

totally plastered

Konbit Shelter Project in Barrier Judie, Haiti

Closer and closer to finish

Konbit Shelter structure complete

First layer of plaster done

I have been working in the village of Barrier Judie outside of Dufort, Haiti for about five weeks. The project has developed from a hole in the ground to a beautiful rendering of earth and mortar.

I was brought to the Konbit Shelter project by way of my friend John Rinaldi, who recommended me to the project visionary Swoon. I worked with her and three of her friends on the project for the first three weeks. I have opted to stay until February, since two members of the crew arrived just before Swoon left; and because I can’t imagine being in Haiti without friends.

The dome structure is finally finished, and all that is left is to put a smooth coat of plaster over it, and to paint. Afterward, a Barrier Judie resident will have a home. In one week, I will go home having helped to create a useful thing in a part of the world that needs more useful things. If you are reading this, and can donate time or money to projects like this, I will recommend doing so. It is extremely gratifying.

For more information on this project read the Konbit Shelter blog

  1. Marc says:

    looks neat. when are you coming home?

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