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I have been in Haiti with Callie and crew for three weeks. We have completed the project that was started on the previous trip and are well on the way toward completing the second earth bag structure. I will not get too carried away taking credit for these brilliant accomplishments, however. The people of Barrier Judie have been mostly responsible. Here I would like to share a photo of the fellows that I have been working with on the “community center.” We have become good friends.

From left to right: Vixon, Bathol, Whistlerson, and Raul.

Vixon speaks a little bit of english, so he’s my go to guy for explanations. Believe it or not, he’s 33. I thought he was 22. Bathol is patient and kindhearted, speaks only Kreyol, but works at anything with full intent.
Whistlerson is a painter by trade, speaks Spanish and Kryeol, and runs the crew when I go away.
Raul is the oldest, and a Mason. He also speaks Spanish.

This is only a small chunk of the total crew, but these four are my homies.

For five days we laughed about communication barriers as I learn bits of Kreyol and they try to get things across with gestures and Español. The community center is looking really good- and you can find more info on the Konbit Website.

  1. Marc says:

    Hey looks like your learning alot fromthis experience. But there are many people here who miss you (inclucdng me) be safe and when you come back we’ll have a heros welcome home party for you.

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