Fixing stuff in Dufort, Haiti

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Haiti, Uncategorized
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Many of us consider ourselves to be blackbelts in the DIY dojo, but how would we fare in a situation short on resources? Can you fix a flat tire with burning hunk of another flat tire? Can you make your lights come on in the house without a switch? Can you fix your fuel filter when there are no auto parts stores anywhere?

These and many other skills are necessities when living in the third world. I’ve been here for almost two weeks and I’m constantly impressed by the ingenuity of the people in Haiti. They get by with what they’ve got, which isn’t much. Is it politically incorrect to say third world? Whatever.
The place that I’m staying has a DSL modem that takes power from a bank of 16 6V batteries and an inverter. When the batteries get low they switch a couple wires and run a diesel generator for a few minutes to charge them up. The cook stove is of the conventional sort, but it’s run on propane that we have to fill once a week.

Our light switch used to consist of three red wires that were bent so that you could hook them together.
This house is a first rate upper class palace compared with the rest of the country, who cook with charcoal and melted plastic.
Here is a picture of a Haitian tire shop:

Flat tire solution in Haiti

Roadside tire shop, Haiti

  1. Dav says:

    Sounds like the house I grew up in!

    This Bigones project is wonderful. It looks like you are adding some more amazing to your amazing life. Well done. Keep it up.

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