Early Mornings

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Haiti, Uncategorized
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The roosters in the village are broken.

They don’t crow first thing in the morning as rooster tales would have you expect. They crow just past midnight, or right before I’m about to fall asleep. It’s peculiar and somewhat comical, when our nearest rooster is tone deaf. Never mind… it’s better to report that morale is high in our little group of Americans. We are helping to get lots of work done on the community center and the new dome, and we’re well received when we trek to the work site each morning. I can count on a trail of children to follow me from storage shed to community center, and everywhere else I go.

I made a pair of stilts out of 2×2 so that I could reach higher places when painting. They totally loved it. I wish I had caught a picture of it.

Haven’t much time to write, now- so know that we’re well here.

  1. tina says:

    hi there! i was working with Builders without Borders on a straw bale building in Port au Prince for about 3 weeks prior to and through the x-mas break, and ohmygosh, the darned roosters…they seemed to start at midnight and carry on until dawn! we had a ninja rooster at our site who could fly tremendous heights and sneak in to do early morning calls! you (kind of) get used to it?!

    • jimmycross says:

      If it’s not an off key rooster who can’t keep time, it’s a barking dog or a Caribbean dance party until 3:00 A.M. At this point I have accepted the lack of sleep and cold showers. Thanks for reading!

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