Posted: December 29, 2010 in Haiti, Uncategorized
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I’ve been in Haiti for 7 days. It feels like much longer than that. During my first three days here I was elected from our group to travel to Port au Prince for supplies. It is a very stressful place, and being there is being stuck there. Not only has the city been leveled by earthquake, it is also covered in trash- every square inch. The air quality is very bad due to sewage, traffic that does not move for hours, and a Haitian tendency to burn trash. It is a city choked with pollution and waste. I would almost prefer not to dig up feelings about those trips, and yet have volunteered to go back for supplies again tomorrow.

The place I am staying would be about half an hour south of Port au Prince if the one highway wasn’t in such poor condition and traffic was not reliably terrible. I have spent several hours in standstill, suffocated by exhaust and dust from the road. All along the highway for miles, pedestrians sell their wares and services- clogging the small road, shouting at drivers when they are stopped. When the road is moving, people drive at terrifying speeds, completely disregarding the safety of others.

I have learned, though, that Haiti is not all bad. Through and beyond madness there is a culture populated by beautiful, kind people in a landscape worth seeing. I still consider myself very fortunate to be staying outside of Port au Prince. If you would like to read about the project I am working on, there is a blog here being maintained by all of us.

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