Posted: September 10, 2010 in Hoboating

Summer, 2010 drifted by quietly like a mallard on the downstream paddle.  I  had to reach for that simile; hoping that my experiences this summer could attain the appearance of nonchalance while sticking to the nautical theme that was solute through so many days.  All in a single sentence involving a duck. I’ll lay semantics aside and get on with tales of summer.

A friend and mentor of mine (again, semantics aside) sought out and purchased an old boat in the Sacramento River delta.  Our purpose in the venture was to create a space on the water for performance, initially for the Seasteading Institute‘s informal event “Ephemerisle”; further to be shared with the greater S.F. Bay area.

Months got out of hand as a great amount of work had to be done to the boat just to keep it’s existence legal.  The process was well documented on a blog put together by one of our friends in Oakland, Anja Ulfeldt. In fact, glancing through it I’ve realized this post could be redundant if I don’t move on to other summer subjects.

My friend, John Rinaldi- mentioned above as the purchaser of the Relentless- threw an event in Northern California called Camp Tipsy. Again, I’m approaching redundancy due to a blog.

My involvement in those projects required a great deal of time and effort. When we were not plying the freeways between San Francisco and our vessels, we were accumulating resources or dumping them into the floating retreats for which they were gathered. The payoff received was a drifting, mallard-like summer. (Now back to the analogy!)

The warm months did not give me an uncommon experience, for there were many participants; the time was not presumptive of any grandeur; and I got to float around lazily in beautiful marsh and lake environments, loving life for the simplicity that can be gleaned from complex productions on the water. A mallard is not uncommon, nor is it presumptive; and though they work hard to eek sustenance from their environment, they appear to enjoy great leisure in life.

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