Life is too interesting to keep track of all the good things that happen. I’m mired in excitement with a host of friends and cohorts, all of us struggling to keep from bursting with joy. It’s not a tough life, but sarcasm prods me to portray it so.

This blog thing, to me, is extraneous- hard to spare a moment for- outside my realm of familiarity- nevertheless, it is a tool. So now, with this tool, I’ll share with you one of the more exciting establishments gracing my life’s endeavor. Radio Valencia (hope I got the html right on that)

Michael Rosenberg, Naomi Most, Rye Bread, Trademark, John Rinaldi, and many others including myself have teamed up to bring a new FM/Internet radio station to San Francisco. The studio is located at Chez Poulet in the mission district of our fair city, and we have an awesome collection of DJ’s, Show Hosts, and performers lining up to share their work.

I recommend visiting the site and listening in whenever you are online. It’s eclectic; it’s modern; it’s the cutting edge of the great media knife that cleaves a path through the dense jungle of social backwardness, and you can walk that path hand in hand with tomorrow’s leaders; with todays thinkers; and with me.

Seriously, check it out. Radical thinking through Radio.


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